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Rekeying Locks Thornhill

Enhance Security and Save Money with Rekeying

At Nonstop Locksmith Thornhill, we understand the importance of security for your home or business. One of the most effective ways to bolster security without breaking the bank is by rekeying your locks.

Hey there! Are you tired of carrying around a bunch of different keys? Me too! One solution could be to rekey all your locks so they can be opened with the same key.

Just make sure all the locks in your house are the same brand or have the same type of keyholes. You can check this by trying your keys in all the locks you want to rekey.

If they fit, you’re good to go! But, if you’re not sure, it’s always a good idea to ask a locksmith for help.

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Rekeying Your Locks with Nonstop Locksmith Thornhill

Enhanced Security: Rekeying your locks is a proactive measure to safeguard your property. If you’ve recently moved into a new home, lost your keys, or experienced a break-in attempt, rekeying ensures that only authorized individuals can access your property.

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Changing Locks and Keys

In addition to rekeying services, Nonstop Locksmith Thornhill also offers lock changing and key replacement services. If your locks are damaged, or outdated, or you simply want to upgrade your security, we can help you choose the right lock system and provide expert installation.

When it comes to securing your property, trust the experts at Nonstop Locksmith Thornhill. Contact us today to discuss your rekeying and lock-changing needs, and our professional locksmiths will be happy to assist you. call at 647-812-2520

What Exactly Do You Mean by Rekeying?

Rekeying is a cost-effective and efficient method to alter the functioning of a lock without replacing the entire lock system. It involves changing the lock’s internal pins and springs to match a new key, rendering the old key ineffective.

Rekeying Locks: The Benefits

1. Cost-Effective: Compared to replacing the entire lock system, rekeying is a budget-friendly option. It allows you to maintain the existing hardware while providing you with a fresh set of keys, saving you both time and money.

2. Key Control: Rekeying offers better control over who has access to your property. You can track and manage the distribution of keys, ensuring that only trusted individuals possess them.

3. Convenience: Rekeying is a swift process that can be completed by our skilled locksmiths. It minimizes disruption to your daily routine while boosting your property’s security.

Rekeying Door Locks

Rekeying Lock Cost

The cost of rekeying locks varies depending on the number of locks you need to rekey and the complexity of the task. However, when compared to the expense of completely replacing locks, rekeying is often a fraction of the cost.

Contact us at Nonstop Locksmith Thornhill for a personalized quote based on your specific needs.

Concierge Services Change

You are currently updating your concierge services which currently include the provision of housekeepers, babysitters, and pet sitters. These trusted individuals have been given a duplicate copy of your house key for the purpose of carrying out their duties.

Change the lock to a higher quality Deadbolt

It is highly recommended to upgrade your lock to a high-quality Deadbolt in order to enhance your security measures. Deadbolts provide a tighter seal for your doorframe and are constructed from machined steel, rendering them more durable than traditional locks.

It is crucial to have a robust security barrier in place to deter burglars, rather than relying on the bare minimum.